McDonald Zaring Insurance is a unique agency.  As an independent company we do business with a variety of insurance providers in order to find you the most price competitive and comprehensive coverage.  As a local company we do business with a heart for home-grown service.  To us, you are a face not a number, and we personally strive to offer quality attention to every customer’s needs.


Auto Insurance


Home Owners


Liabilities, damages and bodily injury protection in the event of an accident.


Provide liability and protection for your dwelling and contents



Just because you don’t own where you live, doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. Insure your personal liability and contents.

Recreational Vehicle
Do you own a boat, snowmobile or RV? If you do, then protect yourself against the liability of operating the vehicle and the potential damage to it.

Personal Articles
Do you have valuable items? Have you thought about insuring your jewelry, silverware or guns? Ensure that what you care about is protected.

Do you need an extra layer of liability? An umbrella provides you with additional protection for both auto and home.






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♦  You work hard to earn the possessions you enjoy.  We work hard to protect them.